Top questions to ask before buying land

10th August 2019

We understand that there is a lot of information to dive into when buying a piece of land… to make it easier for you, we have come up with our top questions that prospective buyers should be asking before making a big commitment!

Who is the land developer?
If you’re buying as part of a land division, it is important to find out who the land developer is, their history in the property development realm, as well as their financial capability and idealistic timeline to be able to carry out their promises for a new community. Finding out this information will give you confidence in your land developer and the future outcomes of your new neighbourhood, as well as a timeline of when your masterplan community is expected to be completed.

Jump on to our recent blog here, where we ask Onkaparinga Views’ Property Developer, Tim Shahin, a few questions about his 20 years of history in the property market and his ambitions for Onkaparinga Views. 

Is the land developer relying on presales before they can fund the infrastructure?
Sometimes a land developer won’t commence infrastructure until they have received a few presales, to ensure that they have enough funds to cover their labour and material costs. It is a good idea to find out whether or not your land developer already has the funds to start construction on the infrastructure or if they have needed presales to commence building. If a development needs to be funded by presales, they may have infrastructure timeline issues down the track if they aren’t selling the ideal amount of allotments in their expected timeline.

Luckily for you, Onkaparinga Views has not relied on any presales and infrastructure is well underway… keep an eye on our socials for regular updates!

Can you build your ideal home on the block that you can afford?
The width and depth of your allotment will determine which sort of house you can build and how flexible your home layout can be. If you can afford a smaller block of land, you may consider building a two-storey home to ensure that you still have enough space in your home, or sacrifice having a larger backyard for an extra bedroom that you may need in a few years’ time.

At Onkaparinga Views, we have a large variety of allotment sizes to suit all different types of budgets. You can choose from a 'traditional' larger family-sized allotment, downsize to a smaller 'villa' sized allotment or find something perfect for you that fits right in between. You can explore our allotments that are currently for sale here

What is included as part of purchasing your land?
Sometimes land developers can sell a vacant piece of land with a couple of extra features, like benching and retaining of your land, to make it easier for your home build. It’s important to do your research to see what is included as part of the allotment price, as you may be able to save a lot of time and money that you could utilize for other areas, like landscaping, extra speccy air-conditioning and heating…. or even a luxury stone kitchen bench top that you’ve always wanted.

Your new allotment at Onkaparinga Views has been benched and retained, making it as easy as possible for you to be able to start building straight away! We have also included complimentary fencing, saving you thousands on material and labour costs.

With massive land savings, there is nothing stopping you from building your dream home in the exciting new address of Onkaparinga Views.

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